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Motorcycle/ATV/PWC Data & Value Guide

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MOTORCYCLE/ATV/PWC Data & Value Guide is published annually in Spring. This GOLD BOOK presents motor and chassis statistics, original MSRP (List Price New), and estimated current average resale values on motorcycles, ATVs, and personal watercraft driven in Canada. Most 2018-1978 model year motorcycles and ATVs from over 60 manufacturers are included, as well as personal watercraft for model years 2018-1990 from 7 manufacturers.

Over 10,000 lines of data are included. The easy to read layout and alphabetical sorting makes finding information simple and quick. Customers comment on the benefits the complete and detailed listings provide.

The Motorcycle/ATV/PWC Data & Value Guide is used by insurance companies, financial institutions, government agencies, licensing bureaus, motorcycle/ATV/personal watercraft dealers and owners, repair shops, clubs, police departments and other industry participants and enthusiasts.

This GOLD BOOK is an exceptional value at only $36.00/copy (+ postage and applicable taxes).

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