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Vehicle Data Guides

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Vehicle Data Guides are published annually in March. These GOLD BOOKS present motor and chassis statistics (including weights), original MSRPs (List Price New), and vehicle identification numbers (VINs) for 9 model years of Canadian vehicle data. The CAR Data Guide provides information on passenger cars, while the TRUCK Data Guide presents information on light-duty trucks, SUV's, vans, and some commercial truck listings. Each guide contains line-ups from over 46 manufacturers.

Our research team has fine-tuned the listings, naming conventions, and consistency. These improvements have enabled us to provide increased data in a user-friendly, compact publication.

Data Guides are arranged to provide quick and easy reference to ensure efficient use. Furthermore, with over 25,000 combined data lines and a high completeness percentage, we are confident you will find our updated data guides provide comprehensive information.

Data guides are published for government licensing departments, insurance companies, collision centres, finance companies, used car dealerships, vehicle repair shops, transportation companies, police departments, and other automotive industry participants and enthusiasts.

Be informed! Order an updated Data Guide package to view the improved, detailed listings!

The Data Guide package consists of 1 Car Data Guide, 1 Truck Data Guide, and 1 mid-year Supplement for only $119/package (+ postage and applicable taxes).


For mid-year updates, obtain the Supplement to both the Car & Truck Data Guides. The Supplement is created annually to improve the current model year information provided in our CAR and TRUCK Data Guides. Changes to the original books are required due to: manufacturer's revisions and late model releases, incomplete or non-receipt of manufacturer information by our print deadline, and data entry errors.

Vehicle manufacturers release marketing information and manufacturing data at different times. Increasingly, vehicles are being released throughout the year. In addition, manufacturers can revise vehicle product information in midyear to reflect marketing and product challenges. The Supplement allows us to publish new and revised information received after our press deadline. Price, weight, and VIN data are often revised during the model year.

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