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Company Profile

Gold Book is a division of Postmedia Network Inc. Within this partnership we have excellent access to printing facilities, acounting, and IT departments.


In 1920, the foundation of Sanford Evans Research Group was co-founded by William Sanford Evans. The company began as a publishing company specializing in statistical services.

William Sanford Evans was born in Spencerville, Ontario in 1869. He was educated at Victoria University and Columbia University before moving to Manitoba. Before he was a publisher, Evans was a politician. He ran for the federal Conservative party in 1904 and was defeated by the Liberal candidate. Evans was more successful in civic and provincial politics; he was elected Mayor of Winnipeg and served from 1909 to 1911.

Evans was also active in Manitoba's publishing industry. In 1920, he founded the Winnipeg Telegram and co-founded a publishing company specializing primarily in grain industry news; today, the company is now known as Sanford Evans Research Group.

With a continued interest in politics, Evans was elected to the Manitoba legislature in 1922. He was re-elected in both 1927 and 1932. In 1933, after Col. Fawcett G. Taylor resigned as Conservative leader, Evans was selected to lead the party's parliamentary caucus. However, in 1936, Evans did not run at the party's leadership convention and did not participate in the provincial election that followed. In 1936, Evans received an honorary doctorate in Law from the University of Manitoba.

Past Focus

Sanford Evans Research Group initially specialized in grain industry news and branched off to other statistical publications. Specifically, Motor Vehicle Data Books (identification guides listing engine and chassis specs) have been published for over 50 years. Our archives have Data Book publications dating back to the 1949 edition listing 1935 - 1949 model-year vehicles! This publication was produced in the Sanford Building in the historic region of downtown Winnipeg.

In the 1960s, many magazines and books, including "Gold Book" valuation guides for cars and trucks and the "Blue Book" of Food Store Operators and Wholesalers, were published. In the 1970s, "Gold Book" valuation for motorcycles and snowmobiles were printed.

Over the years, the vehicle Data Books and valuation Gold Books evolved to become the foundation of the Research division; this foundation continues today.

In the late 1970s, the group of companies forming Sanford Evans Publications Ltd was purchased by Bell Canada. In the late 1980s, Quebecor purchased Sanford Evans Communications Ltd that had grown to include a Commercial Print division, a Publication division featuring Trade and Commerce magazine, a Building News division, and the Research division.

Today, the commercial print division continues to thrive as The Winnipeg Sun Commercial Print Division. Only Sanford Evans Research Group continues to operate under the Sanford Evans banner.

Current focus

While Sanford Evans Research Group no longer researches grain industry news, the main research focus has remained on vehicles. Specifically, Sanford Evans continues to research data for cars, trucks, SUV's, vans, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and most recently, personal watercraft.

The current focus is digital, digital, digital. Almost thirty years of data has been converted into a digital friendly format to facilitate online products for all clients and data leasing for larger volume clients.

For more information on online products, go to GOLD BOOK Online.

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